9 Tips For An Unbusy Bathroom

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I have a confession to make: this is one area of my house that I have had trouble keeping under control.

My bathroom vanity contains an assortment of make up, hair care products, hair styling equipment and accessories. Amusing considering I rarely wear make up, but maybe understandable since I have three daughters- two of which have had dance concerts and competitions.

Nevertheless, that is not a good enough excuse to hoard all kinds of crap in the bathroom, mostly for “just in case I need it” purposes.

Today I went through all the make up and personal care products in our vanity and was able to cull down the items to a manageable amount that we use on a regular basis. And I filled three shopping bags with rubbish!

Here are some quick tips on decluttering your vanity and having an unbusy bathroom, making it easier and less busy for you to get ready in the mornings (or before a night out!):

1. Check the expiry dates on all creams, sunscreens and other make up items and throw out those that are passed their use by date.

2. Throw out any empty containers, bottles or tubes.

3. Discard any make up that you no longer use- e.g. eye shadows that are no longer in fashion (that’s right, that blue eye shadow from 1983!).

4. Make sure any electrical appliances such as hair dryers and straighteners are still working. Dispose of any that are no longer operating, and if there are any that you no longer need- see if you can give to a friend.

5. Use up anything you’ve found that you haven’t used in a while, before buying a replacement (nail polish, hand cream etc…)

6. When putting everything else back into the vanity, put like things together, and most frequently used items should be in easily accessible places.

And for parents of a child who has to wear stage make up:

7. Have the stage make up in a storage container or make up bag separate to your own items.

8. Check the make up items several months before the performance to see if there is anything that needs to be discarded or a replacement purchased. Nothing worse than realising on concert night that the mascara has dried up!

9. Keep hair accessories separate to the make up- hair clips, pins, brushes, nets, elastics etc…

The bathroom may not seem like an obvious place to declutter, but buying beauty and personal care products can sometimes get out of hand and result in a disorganised and messy vanity, making it more likely to have a stressful morning routine when you are looking for that new tube of toothpaste or the perfect lipstick to go with your outfit!

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