Spring Clean to a Less Busy Life Part 1- The Master Bedroom

Spring Clean

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Welcome to my first in a series of posts on spring cleaning your house to help you live a less busy life. Even if it isn’t spring in your part of the world, anytime is a good time to declutter and get rid of stuff.

How does spring cleaning lead to a less busy life? By reducing the amount of stuff we have in our homes, we are reducing the amount of time that we need to spend keeping our homes clean, maintaining, repairing, insuring or picking up things. As a mother of 3 girls, I’m constantly picking up bits of toys left lying around which can get very frustrating and time consuming. By focusing on reducing the amount of stuff, I promise you will notice changes to the amount of time you spend managing your household.

And who couldn’t do with a bit more time to spend in other, more fun ways?

Today, I will focus on the master bedroom. If your master bedroom is already clean and uncluttered, then choose another similar room or space such as a child’s bedroom or a guest room.


Let’s begin with a few important tools- once you have these tools organised, it will make your spring clean session run a lot more smoothly.

-A packet of heavy-duty garbage bags

-An empty washing basket/box or other storage item (try to use something you already have in the home rather than buying)

-A cleaning cloth/rag to wipe down dust

-A stop watch/clock/mobile phone to time your session

Now that you have assembled these tools, it’s time to begin!


-Try to time each declutter session for 45 minutes only- spend 30 minutes cleaning, and the final 15 minutes packing up and putting things away. Don’t worry if you have not finished,  you can continue your session another day.

-Focus on sorting everything into 4 piles: what to keep, what to donate, what to throw out and what to recycle.

Set your alarm for 30 minutes, and GO!


I usually start with opening the windows and then making the bed, as this instantly makes the room appear a lot cleaner. Fresh air and outdoor light will help clear out dust and smells in the room.

I then collect any clothing that requires washing and place in the washing machine- my washing machine cycle takes about 45 minutes which is perfect for while I am decluttering. By the time the declutter session is finished, the washing will be ready to hang.

Back to the bedroom. I walk around the room and pick up anything off the floor and place it in one huge pile ready for me to sort through. I now begin sorting into my 4 piles: keep, donate, throw and recycle.

Once the pile has been sorted, I throw the recycling items in the recycling bin outside. I then place the rubbish in a bag and throw out. Items to donate are put in a garbage bag.

Everything that remains that will be kept I then begin putting away where they belong. This part can take the longest because sometimes there are items to keep which belong in other rooms of the house.

At the 30 minute mark, I stop what I am doing and reset my alarm for another 15 minutes.

By the 30 minute mark, I should only have my “keep” items left to put away- I place these items in a large basket.

I spend the final 15 minutes vacuuming the carpet, wiping down the window ledges and picture frames and anywhere else that collects dust.

45 minutes is over. If I have more time, I will continue putting away the things in my “keep” basket otherwise I will set aside more time another day to go through my “keep” basket.

But for now, it’s time to hang up the washing and have a cup of herbal tea!

Let me know how your first session went, and share your photos over on my Facebook page!

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