No Junk Mail Thanks!

…and 3 simple things you can do today to make your life less busy!

Image: Sustainable Kentucky

Image: Sustainable Kentucky


We’ve seen the “no junk mail” stickers on mailboxes, but the concept can be applied to our own lives.

How much of our time is consumed by “junk”- things we don’t really need, that don’t add value to our lives?

It could be something you feel you are obliged to do out of habit, or a friendship you hold onto that is no longer healthy, or things in your house that you no longer use but feel you need to keep “just in case”.

Some “junk” I have gotten rid of:

  • Items that I own two or three (or more) of “just in case” one breaks or wears out. We used to own 25 bath towels. Why would a family of five need 25 bath towels?
  • Catalogues and junk mail by placing the “no junk mail” sticker on my letterbox
  • DVDs and CDs (except for a handful such as my kids dance concerts, our wedding etc…). Most things can now be downloaded or listened to/watched online.

When we get rid of junk in our lives, we are freeing up time that would have been spent on cleaning, sorting and looking after our things. For me, Im spending less time washing, folding, tidying up and now have more time to spend with my family.

It can be scary getting rid of junk that we have held onto out of habit. How will we feel once we get rid of it? What if we regret it?

By getting rid of junk, we are freeing up time and space for good stuff to come into our lives. Things and people who add value, and make our lives greater than they would have been if we had held onto the junk.

(And if I really need an extra bath towel, I can just buy one).

Three simple things you can do to “no junk mail” your life, and be less busy:

-Go through your email inbox and delete emails that you have already read and/or actioned. Having old emails sitting in your inbox reminds of things you no longer need to spend time worrying about.

-Unsubscribe from any websites or blogs that you no longer follow or find value in. Remember that every email you open and read is a minute or so wasted that could be spent on something more important.

-Go through any documents (bills, receipts, certificates) you have and see if any of these are no longer required. Scan any that you think you would still like to keep but may not be vitally important, before getting rid of the original. (Old bills and invoices are usually kept on record by companies should you need to access them someday).

I hope you’ve been inspired to “no junk mail” your life and become less busy. I’d love to know what you got rid of! Leave a comment below.



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