Less clutter, more time

…plus, my first Unbusy Challenge Task!

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So you’ve decided you want less clutter, more time. Where do you start?

My journey began by decluttering my home, one room at a time. During my first decluttering session, I managed to fill six garbage bags that I donated to charity. Many more things were thrown in the bin.

It can feel overwhelming but once you begin decluttering it’s amazing how fantastic it feels to be ridding yourself of things you no longer need. It almost becomes addictive!

What Does It Mean To Have Less Clutter, More Time?

Here are some of the ways decluttering my home has resulted in more time to live a more meaningful life:

-Less time spent in the laundry sorting, washing, hanging to dry, folding and putting away clothing and towels. Lower power and water bills. More money and time to spend on activities my family enjoys.

-Less time spent on keeping the kitchen clean and organised. There is less clutter in the kitchen to look after! I can now wash dishes by hand because there aren’t many to wash. Our dishwasher hasn’t been used in over 6 months! Again, this has contributed to lower power and water bills. More money and more time to spend on activities my family enjoys.

-Less time spent on tidying up the kids’ clutter! Fewer toys to sort and pack away. The kids have less tidying up to do. There is more time for the kids to play with the toys they still have, and more money in our wallets to spend on things that bring more value to the family- such as holidays and outings.

-A less stressful morning routine. Less clutter in the home means it’s easier for us to find what we need to pack for school and work. Everything is now a lot calmer (most days!) and we get to school earlier.

This all might sound a little overly simplistic and too idealistic for you. We all lead different lives, have different priorities and values. That’s great! Pick and choose what works best for you.

When you have less clutter and more time, you will start to feel lighter, less stressed and you will change the way you think about the things you have brought into your life. It is a long process, so don’t expect decluttering to be completed within a day or even a week. I’ve been on this journey for almost 12 months and I’m STILL finding things to get rid of on a weekly basis!

You will also discover that you need less to live comfortably. As time goes on, you might become detached from things you previously considered too sentimental or important to get rid of.

If you would like to read some tips on how to create a less busy life, I have a great post over HERE that shares 52 tips for busy people who want to become unbusy.


I’m setting an unbusy challenge for you!

Pick a drawer, cupboard or shelf that you can declutter. Make it something that might only take you an hour to tackle- the “junk drawer”, the bathroom vanity, the linen closet. Focus on decluttering the one space only, unless you are feeling super motivated and want to keep going.

Once you are done, please leave a comment below, or even upload a before/after photo of your decluttered space. I’d love to see your progress!


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