Is Being Busy Overrated?

Not long ago, my husband asked me what we had planned for the weekend. When I replied “nothing”, he looked at me in shock.

You see, every weekend we would have a birthday party, a kids activity or some other commitment to attend or fulfil. There was always an obligation of some sort, and very little time left over to do anything else.

Since when did being busy become the new definition of success or living? If our calendars are full, we must be important and successful people. If we aren’t doing anything, then we must be boring, or have few friends. We aren’t living if we aren’t doing something!

Yet when I think back to my life prior to becoming “unbusy”, it all seemed like a blur. A bit like being on a long train trip- the train’s travelling at fast speeds, you’re looking out the window and watching the world go by but you can’t just jump off when you feel like it.

My busy life did not leave me feeling successful, important or like I was living the life I wanted to live. Initially I thought I was all these things, but when I started feeling unhappy and dissatisfied, it was time to take a long, hard look at this busy life of mine.

Last year I decided to do an experiment, to see what would happen if I made myself less busy.

Here’s what I discovered:

Life doesn’t stop when we do.

Clearing our lives of things that are not important, makes more room for those things that ARE important.

You start to notice things around you that you never noticed before when you were busy. And they are good things!

You begin to feel more happy. Life is great.

I discovered that being busy is overrated.

We all have the same number of hours in a day, it’s how we choose to use these hours that defines the quality of life we live.

This week, think about some of the commitments you have, the obligations, events, to do lists, chores, errands etc…be aware of how you are spending your time and how its making you feel.

Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing some ideas that I hope will inspire you to become less busy.

How has being busy made you feel? Or if you are already “unbusy”, what are some of the positive changes you’ve noticed? Feel free to comment!


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  1. I love having weekends at home. I work weekends during the school term so the holidays are such a luxuary to chill. Nothing like everyone together reading books, doing craft, playing music or games. We just love it.

    • Hi Vanessa, thanks for posting. I agree, its great to be able to chill out at home with the family. Especially during the colder months!


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