Digital Declutter: Clearing Your Digital Space

digital declutter

We all know that a cleaner, clearer home or work space contributes to a clearer mind.

We declutter and clear our physical spaces to make room for the things that are most important to us.

Your digital space is your presence in the digital world: social media accounts, email inboxes, websites and blogs. How many emails are currently sitting in your inbox? How many social media pages do you follow? What is clogging up your newsfeed? How many websites and blogs have you subscribed to?

Your digital space can be clogged up with noise that creates and contributes to your overall busyness and the only way to unclog the space is by removing what isn’t important to you.

I’ll admit that the last time I performed a digital declutter, it took me almost a week. I had to sift through over 2000 emails! It was a very long process, but worthwhile.

Here are some of the ways that you can tackle a digital declutter.

Digital Declutter: How To Clear Your Digital Space


Email subscriptions

Have you subscribed to blogs, websites or services and have never even opened the messages or newsletters you’ve received? This is a sign that whatever that person is trying to sell to you or the message they are trying to deliver to you is not important.

But before deleting their email, UNSUBSCRIBE from their service. This will ensure that you stop receiving communication from them. As I outlined in my strategies for less paper clutter, you have to prevent the clutter from entering rather than just getting rid of it. A successful digital declutter stops the clutter from re-entering your digital space.

Don’t feel guilty about this. You are not doing yourself a favour by receiving digital junk mail, and you are not doing the other person or business a favour by wasting their time and effort sending you communication that you are not interested in.


Email Inbox

Some of your emails will be important and worth holding onto. For these emails, it’s a great idea to create separate folders and to file the emails into the relevant folder.

Emails that are no longer needed should be deleted. I suggest starting from the oldest email in your inbox, because chances are that the older emails will no longer be required. It should be easier to sift through these.

Be honest with yourself- remove the “just in case” mentality many people have. As I have previously mentioned, one of the many mistakes people make when decluttering is holding onto something they think they need when in fact they don’t need it.

I recommend spending no longer than ten minutes on this process at any one time. This is one of those tasks you will have to return to a few times before you have your inbox under control.


Facebook Pages

Social media decluttering can be a difficult and controversial process. You’ve heard of people “unfriending” others which has led to arguments and awkward confrontations.

But when it comes to blogs and websites that no longer serve you, unliking their Facebook page removes their “noise” from your newsfeed, so that you can make room for status updates and information from people and businesses that can serve your needs.

Similar to email subscriptions, businesses and blogs want to reach out to as many people as possible however an authentic business or blog will want to reach those people who they will serve the most. As a blogger, I can only serve those who are interested in leading a less busy life, and these are the people I want to “like” my Facebook page. If I no longer serve you and you need to “unlike” me, then as much as it might make my little ego feel sad, I will understand that my services are not for you. And that’s totally ok!


Digital Decluttering For Bloggers

If you are a fellow blogger, then there are a number of ways that you can declutter your blog’s digital space.

Analyse your blog’s current social media presence. Are there any social mediums that are not doing so well for you that you could perhaps delete?

Are there any affiliate programs or advertising networks that are not generating an income for you that you could remove from your blog?

Are you part of any blogging Facebook groups that are not helping you with your blog journey that you could remove yourself from?

By decluttering your blog’s digital space, you are making more room for creativity and abundance. You are able to focus on creating more abundance for your blog through new income initiatives.

Removing noise from your blog will also improve your reader’s experiences. Have you ever been annoyed or distracted by annoying and irrelevant advertisements on a blog you are visiting?


You can make more room in your digital space for the things that are important, by focusing on the digital decluttering strategies I have listed. You can start off small and slow, and focus on decluttering bit by bit over time rather than trying to tackle it all overnight.

Have you decluttered your digital space? What was the most challenging part of the declutter? How  many emails are sitting in your inbox?

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  1. This is something I really need to do. I use Gmail and I love the tabbed interface that splits emails into the priority inbox, social tab and promotions tab. I usually mass delete everything in the promotions tab, perhaps just reading one or two items a day out of about 50-100 emails. I really need to start unsubscribing. I use Feedly now to view the blogs I like – a kind of RSS feed – so I could unsubscribe from a lot of blogs I follow. My Facebook feed could use a big cleanout, too, especially FB Groups. Fortunately my inbox is organised. I have less than 20 items in there as I use folders for storing old info and my inbox is a to do list. A little bit each day, eh? I know I’ll feel so much better when it’s done.

    • Gmail is great for sorting through and organising emails. Outlook/Hotmail isn’t so great for that. Sounds like you are pretty much on top of your digital space! Well done!


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